CTW Automation - Newsletter January 2020

January 2020 - Newsletter

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2019 was a very big year for CTW Automation. Working through our 4th year of business has brought several new models to our testing equipment line-up as well as further advancements of our CTW Probe software for the crank type machines as well as the linear actuators. We will also be advancing our Spring Rating software and equipment to get this model line more developed for the end user.

Mechanically, our two biggest developments came in the form of the LA618. This is a fully electric linear actuator that uses 6 motors to generate up to 6,000 lbf / 26.7 kN of force and our standard LA series velocities over 5.50 met/sec and well over a 100 Hz frequency response. But the biggest thing about this Big machine is the massive 18 inches / 457 mm of useable stroke! This machine opens the door to large stroke dampers, especially ones with multiple ports like are found in the Off-road arenas, Paris-Dakar rally and side by side vehicles. Now that we have made the first large stroke, we can offer this across the full range of linear actuator products.

    CTW linear actuator

    CTW Automation with their newest creation - the LA618


The L28, LA48 and the LA68 can all be made in (3) stroke ranges:

-          8 inches / 203 mm

-          13 inches / 330 mm

-          18 inches / 457 mm


   Electric linear actuator LA48 LA618

   Size comparison of the standard LA48 vs the LA618 linear actuator


    Automated crossbar linear actuator

   Automated crossbar features and specifications



Building the largest machine to date also forced CTW to design an all new fully automated crossbar. Because some of the dampers we worked with weighed in excess of 80 lbs / 37 kg and had eye-to-eye lengths of over 48 inches we had to design a functioning automated cross bar. From our history, we knew that the system would need to be faster and be able to compress with a large amount of force. We achieved every goal we set and can now offer this system on any of our linear actuators. You can see the User interface panel below and the many features it offers. What is not shown is the clamping mechanism that is quick and efficient.


   Automated crossbar user interface

   Automated crossbar user interface panel



You can see the LA618 as well as the automated crossbar in action on our YouTube channel – CTW Automation.

CTW Automation – YouTube Channel – Hyperlink this way…..

We wanted to announce that Bill Mann of Performance Wholesale Australia has begun importing and selling our machines. They have RD2 and RD3 machines in stock and ready to go.

     Performance Wholesale Australia – Bill Mann

-          6 Cronulla Court

-          Slacks Creek Qld 4127 Australia

-          Ph: +617 3808 1986

-          Bill@pwa-au.com


We are still planning our UK trip as well as Australia in March. More to come.


All CTW Automation products come with:

            * 1-year warranty

            * 1-year Support contract that allows the owner to have unlimited phone, e-mail and TeamViewer remote access so that CTW can make sure you have the answers to questions quickly and easily. These can also be purchased by current Roehrig dyno owners as we can help with those as well.