This page is used to exchange software, manuals and other information with our customers.  Please save these to your desktop and then "Run" from there.


Latest CTW Software release:

     * CTW Probe Software V1285


Older Versions:

     * CTW Probe Software Version 242.335 - Original Version

     * CTW Probe Software Version 1216 - Software Update 10/2/2018


 Software Tools:

     * CTW-Instacal - for use with CTW data card

     * CTW- RegUpdater - for use with USB data card

     * CTW - TeamViewer - for remote access help

     * CTW - Motor Control - 485 - for use with CTW motor controller adapter

     * Keyspan RS232 Driver - the hardware drivers for the Keyspan RS232 to USB device


Manuals and Install sheets:

     * CTW Probe Install Guide for 1216 - Software Install Guide 1216

     * CTW Probe Software Manual - Latest CTW Software manual

     * Field Instruction Sheet - Guide for creating field and note pages

     * Install sheet for RD2-RD3-RD5 - Install instructions from un-crating to running



  Example Fields File -Roehrig notes 

  Example Fields File - Pull Down Fields


Data Files to share

   Shock File - Progression to cavitation